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Retirees Page

Benefits for Members of Teamsters Retirees Association

All Teamster Retirees are invited to join the Teamsters Retiree Association, dues are $24.00 per year.  The dues help pay for the 3 membership lunches each year, 10 drawings of $25.00 each that are given out at every meeting, and other prizes that are donated.

The Teamsters Retirees Association also has an insurance plan with Kaiser Permanente for those of you who may not have a health plan through your collective bargaining agreement with your employers that covers you in your retirement.  If you join the plan within 30 days there is no physical and you will have continuous coverage.   Representatives from Kaiser Permanente and Robert F. May Company are present at each of the meetings if you have any questions or contact any board member.

Meetings are the 3rd Friday of the month, coffee and donuts are available at 1:00 p.m. for an at will donation, and the meeting is scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m.   If you know any retirees urge them to come with you and join in for the meetings.

For more information please contact President Jerry Loose at 303-988-3757, Carole Salter, Secretary-Treasurer at 303-433-8184 or Trustee Larry Monson at 303-286-9225.


Teamsters Local 435 is proud to honor some of our recent retirees.

Duane Hershey is wished farewell from President/Business Agent Jim Adams, Duane retired from LaFarge Concrete after driving a cement truck for 31 years as a Teamster

Herbert Mayfield is a recent retiree from Beverage Distributors Corporation he is congratulated by his Business Agent Gary Stugart


Terry Gettman a long time Steward retired from LaFarge Concrete after 30 years of dedicated service, he is pictured with President and Business Agent Jim Adams

President James Adams wishes Lynn Herder Happy Retirement from LaFarge after 35 Years of Service

Arlie Church retired from LaFarge Concrete after 26 Years and is pictured with Vice President David Ring

Don Trefry is Congratulated by Vice President David Ring after Retiring from UPS with 34 Years of Service

Stan Adams Pictured with Trustee John Holzwarth Retired from Safeway after 33 Years



Silas Cordova who worked for Safeway for 33 Years Retired

James Gavito in Congratulated by Recording Secretary Ron Cash after retiring from Safeway with 20 Years of Service

Jim Adams wishes Ron Houser farewell after Retiring from LaFarge

President Jim Adams, Retiree Rodney Klug, and Trustee John Holzwarth pose at the Safeway Warehouse after receiving his jacket and watch from the Teamsters


Bob Parsons Retired from United Parcel Service with 32 Years of Service he is wished farewell by Vice President David Ring


Paul Anderson who retired from Anheuser Busch with 28 Years of Service is pictured with Vice President and Business Agent David Ring

Marty Young is Congratulated by his Business Agent Gary Stugart, Marty retired from Sysco with 21 years of service

Jim Smith received his jacket and watch from President and Business Agent Jim Adams, after retiring from Sysco

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